Bloons tower defense 3 cheat codes | Bloons tower defense 4 cheat codes

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Millions of Bloons super monkey players ascertained that popping balloons is very fun. However cheats must bring even more fun and help discover new possibilities! So lets have a look on some most needed bloons super monkey cheat codes.

Bloons tower defense 3 cheat codes
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Bloons tower defense 4 cheat codes

1. Use Freeplay mode while playing 45 – 49 levels. Save game and resume it to repeat steps.
2. Move towers on rack as following: choose tower, place it where you want, then rapidly move mouse right and lef click where you wann to put it.
3. Buy and place tower. Select it. Right click anywhere where the balloons are and place tower very quickly. You have o do that really quickly in Bloons tower defense 4.
4. More money as Bloons tower defense 4 cheat code. Assuming you own banan farm, save the game, direct to sandbox and click save on sandbox mode. Get back to game you ust get some more money.

Hope you found post useful. If you know some ineresting bloons super monkey cheat codes you are more than welcome to share them in comments section.

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