Cityville Cheat Codes

Cityville Cheat Codes

Cityville is great city-building simulation game. It allows you to be the mayor of a virtual city and to oversee its growth into a big metropolis.

Cityviile provides you opportunity to start businesse, spread franchises and construct buildings. Cityville cheat codes help develop your city quicklier into large metropolis.

To level up you should collect enough experience. As a result you get get opportunity to build more new house, businesses. Bad thing is that before gathering coin payments you should use goods to stock up your shop.

Another good Cityville cheat code: since city has maximum limit of people population. In progress your citizens will become unhappier. Nice recommendation – build Community Buildings (for instance, post office or city hall) at first turn.
Cityville Cheats Energy

To gain extra energy simply build relationships. Increase number of your neighbours. You get additional energy each time you visit them.

Enjoy Cityville cheat codes!

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