Facebook Cityville Cheats

Facebook Cityville Cheats
Cityville is amazingly fast-growing game on Facebook. It beats all the previous records of quantity of active users.

CityVille allows you to build and run dream metropolis. Playing Facebook Cityville you act as the city’s manager. You can set up infrastructure, build new roads, organize schools, even start successful businesses. Like the real trading world, you can trade with other players, import and export goods. For example, get goods from other cities across the world.

However, without energy you wll not be able to perform any action.So how can you increase energy? You can use this Facebook Cityville cheats: considering how many experience points you needs to level up, don’t use batteries if the nuber is small. Since you level up the energy bar will refill again.

Sometimes you can be awarded with additional energy. If you have low energy, first of all harvest your crops and get money from your buildings.

Another great Facebook Cityville cheats

One of the simplest and maybe the best method in Cityville to restore energy – to have a lot of neighbors. You receive extra energy after each visit to your neighbor. It’s up to 3 extra energy points.

Happy CityVille gaming! Enjoy Facebook Cityville cheats!

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