Free Verizon Pink iPhone 4

At last! Verizon Pink iPhone 4 has been realeased. All pink-lovers can celebrate. Moreover it goes with Verizon carrier.

What i like in new Verizon Pink iPhone 4 is its ultra high resolution screen. It is 3.5 inches, 960×640.  Moreover WiFi hotspot and 5-megapixel rear camera are featured as well. As for me Vrizn iPhone 4 is a little bit better than AT&T one. And of couse pink color fits iPhone 4 a lot!!!

As you maybe know, right after new product launch companies try to attract customers with giveaways. And that’s great opportunity, for us deal-hunters! You can grab free Verizon pink iPhone 4.  I think promotion is not gonna last long. So hurry up and grab free Verizon pink iPhone 4.

Link below

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