Halloween Aang Costume

Halloween Aang Costume

Aang is the hero of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He saves the whole world by defeating the evil Fire Lord. I found Aang as my favourite character for this Halloween. So what Halloween Aang costumes are availlable to dress up?

Halloween Aang Costume With Mask: Fantastic martial arts master Aang costume. It includes long-sleeve shirt, pants with leggings and feet, beige tunic, traditional brown sash and mask. In this Halloween Aang costume children will be ready to have fun. It’s officially licensed The Last Airbender costume.

Aang Hooded Cloak Costume: Travelling cloak is indispensable attribute of Aang’s journey. Long sleeves helps Aang keep warm. Perfect Halloween costume for children. Let your child be Avatar!

Deluxe Aang Child Costume: Amazing high-quality Halloween Aang costume. Kids will have unforgettable experience with this deluxe suit.

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