Passwords for Sonic the Hedgehog

Passwords for Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a lovely character of the same name series. Video gamers with experience must remember delightful Sega times.

For those who are looking for hidden possibilities i list below some interesting passwords for Sonic the Hedgehog.
Here is great password to become crazy sonic: press and hold A, B and C while demonstration mode lasts.
If you finish any stage at exactly 09:59 time, you will be granted with 100000 points!

Level Select in Sonic the Hedgehog:
Immediately after the inscription “Sega” (this moment you must catch very accurately), quickly press: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP, UP. You will hear a special ring. At the title screen, select Sound Test. A special menu Level Select will appear.

Passwords for Sonic the Hedgehog:
Mega Jump: AAYA-C0B6
Sonic never sinks: ATST-CA38
Bonus jump: ATST-CA38
Immortality: ATLA-CARA
Sonic the Hedgehog can jump like a ball: AAYT-CAGC
Electric jump: AAYT-CAY4
Fire attack: AAYT-CAWT
Magnetism, endless air, immortality: P42S-8ABL
Start game with 99 lives: NR4T-AAH4
Endless lives: AJ3A-CA7A
Play without loss of circles: AWHA-CA92
Possibility to choose level in menu: AA6T-AAXC

If you discover some other passwords for Sonic the Hedgehog, you are welcome to share them below in comments.

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