Plants Zombies Cheat Codes

Plants Zombies Cheat Codes
Plants vs Zombies is fantastic tower defense video game. Here are some great Plants Zombies cheat codes.

How to increase plant growth? For that, disable full screen mode and and proceed to zen garden. Period between feeding plants takes about thirty minutes. You can increase plants growth by changing the system time to an earlier time.

To get silver trophy you should complete Adventure mode.

And of course some great Plants Zombies cheat codes. You can type them any time:

tohot – plants vs zombies infinite sun
dance – zombies will dance
pinata – candy shower on zombie’s death
future – zombie gets futuristic shades
sukhbir – Toggles the zombie’s call for brains-sound
mustache – zombie get moustache
trickedout – appearnace of alternate lawn mower
daisies – after being killed zombies will leave small daisies behind

Final Boss in Plants vs Zombies
So here you are. Last step to you win Plants Zombies! Final Boss is going to massive attack you plansts with fire balls and ice balls. Those balls will riun everything in their path except for zombies. So every plant in that row will be ruined. Use Chili Pepper in affected row to destroy the ice ball, and Ice Shroom to destroy the fire ball. Coffee Bean will make it fall asleep.

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